Vision Statement

Together we inspire one another to love learn respect and forgive, rooted and built up in Christ, so that every member of our school community can develop and flourish; united in mutual respect with a sense of belonging.

Intent of the teaching and learning of MFL

We want our children to have a wide range of cultural opportunities and an experience of speaking another language.

We teach our children to be respectful of other cultures and live-out British values of tolerance and respect.

Implementation of the teaching and learning of MFL

The teaching and learning of MFL is delivered using the scheme designed by Rachel Hawkes as a base and cultural events and celebrations are used to broaden our children’s experiences and knowledge.

Our curriculum is enriched through links with the MFL department at our feeder school, St Paul’s Catholic Voluntary Academy and our curriculum has been supported by their department.

Post COVID, children need more support with phonics and pronunciation of French vocabulary. This has been assessed throughout KS2 and beyond at our secondary school.

Due to this, we have decided to use the Rachel Hawkes scheme which explicitly addresses the phonics of French.

Impact of the teaching and learning of MFL

As a school, we constantly review our provision to make sure it is fit for purpose and meets the needs currently in our cohort. We assess through teacher assessment, pictures and video evidence which can be accessed by all teaching staff to ensure skills and knowledge are built upon each year.

Teaching and learning of MFL is a reflective process for the children as they are given the opportunities to assess themselves and their peers. We allow the children to celebrate their success’ and skills with their peers.

Mrs Darby (Subject Lead)

All KS2 children will be following this plan for the rest of this academic year to allow children to catch up following gaps assessed in learning after COVID closures.

Medium Term Plan Spring Summer

Knowledge organiser for recall and revision

Knowledge Organiser

Expected curriculum end points for the academic year 2022-2023

End Points For French

Les Franco-phoniques is useful to help you remember your phonics sounds in French.

Francophoniques ALL