At St. Joseph’s we are proud to have started on our journey on the Building the Kingdom programme, the aim of which is to embed distinctive Catholic Curriculum design for the transformation of society.

“This initiative calls for the contextualising of all learning within the beliefs and values of the Gospel and the Catholic tradition, aspiring to reach the highest possible levels of learning.” (EducareM website)

Through Building the Kingdom, we explore the big questions of purpose and meaning that arise throughout the Liturgical year, and then create lessons and events which engage students with the skills needed to be agents for a spirit fuelled transformation of society.


We share here some examples of the events we have held so far.

We learnt about the colours of Mardi Gras.


We ended our Mardi Gras celebrations with an online collective worship, the children learning in school were united with children learning at home.

St Joseph’s Table


Advent –  Messengers of hope  

Monday 29th November 2021

The Chaplaincy team led us in collective worship this morning. They read their messages of hope for different groups of people.

Our Mission this week is to write our own message of hope for someone who needs it.